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Founder Andrea Hayes moved to Phoenix, AZ from St. Louis, MO in 2019. Her background in Social Work led her to coach individuals through job development programs within the janitorial industry.  She began hearing facility managers’ concerns with the excessively harsh chemicals being used to clean their facilities. Andrea envisioned the concept of an eco-friendly & health conscious commercial cleaning company and, with this goal in mind, completed her master’s degree in management & Leadership from WGU in 2018. Her primary passion is working to promote and improve the health and vitality of the community.


Along with Social Work, Andrea also worked as an Office Manager within several medical facilities, providing her special insight into the specific needs and sanitation requirements of medical offices.


Sage Canyon Cleaning strives to provide excellent service while decreasing the amount of harmful chemicals used within standardized cleaning methods. Our management team has 15 years combined experience in the commercial cleaning business.


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