Green cleaning is quickly becoming the popular choice for service providers based on health and environmental reasons.  Green cleaning refers to the growing trend of opting for environmentally-friendly cleaning products & methods over the use of toxic and harmful cleaning chemicals which can lead to serious health repercussions.  Green cleaning also refers to the methods for manufacturing, packaging, and distributing cleaning products, typically using biodegradable ingredients in an environmentally sustainable manufacturing environment. 



At Sage Canyon Cleaning, reducing the acute and chronic impacts of our chemicals and practices is the most important part of our Green Program. Green cleaners are not corrosive and meet strict standards regarding inhalation toxicity, combustibility and skin absorption. We strive to avoid all products that are toxic to the user either immediately or when used over time, and we strive to reduce any contribution to environmental problems such as global warming, air pollution, water toxicity, or ozone depletion. 



The primary purpose of cleaning is to protect human health.  Our Green Principles begin with health- the health of our employees and of the workers in the buildings we clean. We use only safe products which are free of toxic side effects, and we do all that we can to improve indoor air quality.

Through our green principles, we give respect to the health impacts cleaning has on custodial personnel and the home or business where we are performing our cleaning activities. Reducing the acute and chronic impacts of our chemicals and practices is the most important part of our Green Program.


environment protection

Beyond immediate health effects, we strive to reduce the residual impact of our chemicals and practices on the environment, so to make our own company's impact on the environment as small as possible.

Sage Canyon Commercial Cleaning does not allow the use of any cleaning products containing known carcinogens, mutagens, or other harmful chemicals.


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