Here at Sage Canyon Cleaning, we are fully equipped to maintain local medical offices, hospital facilities, health departments, and pharmaceutical operations.  With an OSHA HAZPOWER certification, we are trained and compliant with all HIPPA, OSHA, and blood-borne pathogens regulations.  Every member of our medical facility janitorial staff is trained and certified in biomedical hazards training and the safe handling of bio hazardous waste.

We understand the importance of proper care and thorough disinfecting procedures in maintaining the health of your patients.  Our disinfectants kill 99.9% of germs, meet OSHA bloodborne pathogen standards for HIV, HBV AND HCV, and are effective as a virucide.  Our janitorial services remove biological contamination from environmental and equipment surfaces in order to prevent the transmission of germs and the spread of infection. 


At Sage Canyon Commercial Cleaning, our professional cleaning staff is trained in disinfecting procedures that will stop the spread of germs and infections, preserving a clean environment for patients, visitors and healthcare staff.

Our medical cleaning services include:

• Medical offices
• Dental offices
• Medical clinics
• Medical laboratories


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