Three Questions Every Professional Carpet Cleaner Should be Able to Answer

Before you hire your next professional carpet cleaner, make sure they can answer these three questions correctly. If not, you might not get the outcome you were hoping for.

Three Questions Professional Carpet Cleaners Should Know:

1. When treating a spot or stain on the carpet, how much moisture should be used?

As little moisture as possible.

When too much moisture is used, one of the common results is wicking, or stains re-appearing. Using too much moisture can cause carpet shrinkage, adhesion issues with the floor, and carpet browning. Any one of these issues can be prevented by using minimal moisture and by implementing processes to speed the drying of the carpet.

2. When treating a carpet stain, should you rub it in with the cleaning products?

Never rub cleaning products into a stain.

Rubbing cleaning products into a stain can help further set the stain into the carpet fibers. Alternatively, you should always blot the stain, setting a cloth on top of it and lifting up the moisture / cleaning product with the towel so to remove the staining agent. Blotting should always be used over rubbing for thorough and effective removal of stains.

I3. Is it OK to use however much detergent or shampoos as I feel, given that they will be rinsed out of the carpet in the end?

Never overuse detergents, shampoos, or spotters.

When overused, detergents, shampoos, and spotters will leave a residue in the carpet that will not be able to be removed by extractors or even by heavy vacuuming. The moisture levels and the amount of cleaning product should always be precisely determined and measured beforehand for effective results.


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